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About Us

Here at GeoScience Software, we have developed computer programs for oil and gas exploration since 1989. Finding these resources requires the integration of map-based data and ideas from many sources. This is our "bread-and-butter", but fishing is our passion! We have taken our experience with the "WHERE" of oil exploration software and created FishWhere, a map-based program to help you solve the ever-present "WHERE" of fishing.

Consistent fishing success requires knowledge of the WHERE, WHEN, and HOW. If you don't get the "WHERE" right, the WHEN and HOW don't matter. As a 30-year fishing fanatic in West Central Florida, it didn't take me long to become buried in paper maps, nautical charts, the "latest- greatest hot spot" locators, "secret spots" from fishing buddies, etc. I needed to see it all in one place, and to be able to click anything on the map, such as a location or a catch, and get more information about it. The problem is "spatial" - how can you pull all these seperate pieces of map information together to optimize the knowledge hiding there? I realized that this problem is similar to finding oil, and that the only practical solution is a map-based Geographic Information System (GIS). A GIS is simply a map built from different layers. In addition to the map's pretty face, each layer can have a lot of information embedded in it. Most government and university work is done in GIS system these days, and much of this is published on the internet for free.


So, we took our experience with oil exploration software and used it to create FishWhere! We've done the hard work for you, and have found anything relevant to fishing and packaged it with FishWhere. We have also researched offshore locations and built large databases around Florida. FishWhere integrates all of this map data in a simple PC interface, and allows you to easily manage and expand that database with your own information.


You'll spend a lot of $$$ on boats, fuel, tackle, etc. None of this matters if you aren't finding the fish. The most cost-effective way to dramatically improve your results is to invest that little bit of up-front time to manage your locations. The dollars and time involved are trivial compared to what you'll spend on everything else! Once it is all in FishWhere, you can plan your trips the night before, zoom into the areas on the map where you intend to fish, and then print out that map to take on the boat. When you're done fishing, enter the new locations you've found and log your catches in FishWhere - all in the comfort of your home on your PC. You'll quickly see results. Success builds on itself, and your results will improve at an accelerating pace. I practice what I preach, and have invested the small amount of my time in managing my locations. Our results continue to improve dramatically with each year, and so will yours - I guarantee it! Tight Lines!


Captain Tom Darin

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