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Here in Florida, we have packaged FishWhere with large regional location databases. These were assembled by researching internet websites that included the county artificial reef programs (updated in 2008), fishing websites, online magazines, the federal government shipwreck registry, etc. Closer to our home base in Bradenton, many locations are derived from our personal experience and "horse-trading" in the fishing-buddy networks.


If you already have a large location database, you can export/import FishWhere locations to/from your Magellan, Lowrance, Garmin, and many other GPS units using EasyGPS software that is free on the internet.


Not in Florida? No problem - FishWhere can be used anywhere, and we'll package coastline data for your area (note that we also have a Great Lakes data set). You can easily add your local locations from any source to FishWhere and create your own location database.


We have formed a partnership with the Reel-Nauti fishing team, and they have provided their extensive offshore location database (1000's on Florida's west coast) that we are now offering as digital charts or as optional add-on FW digital locations to our software customers. These can be viewed on the CHARTS page for details on all of these. Go to the ORDERS page for purchasing. 


The Standard Florida Fishing Locations Provided with FW 2.0 are divided into nine regional databases;

All Florida Locations
Big Bend
Port Charlotte
10000 Islands
Florida Keys
Southeast Florida
East Central Florida
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