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Any organization dealing with spatial/map data will utilize a Geographic Information System (GIS) to manage it all these days. Most governments, whether federal, state, or local, and most universities utilize GIS in a major way. Since these are public entities supported by our tax dollars, much of this information is published to the internet in standardized formats where it is avaliable for free. FishWhere utilizes many of the most common GIS formats, so we've found anything relevant to fishing and packaged it with FishWhere. Keep in mind that you do NOT need to pay continuing maintenance or subscription fees to us to access these maps. Although we have done all the hard work already and packaged a wide range of maps in FishWhere, you can easily find additional information yourself and add it to the FishWhere GIS map. You'll certainly want to do this if you are using daily Sea Surface Temperature maps - yes, these are now free on the internet, and we'll tell you where to find them and how to layer them in the FishWhere map - it is easy!


We have created a large map database for Florida that includes Water Depths (bathymetry), 3D "shaded-relief" water depths, coastlines, lakes, rivers, Loran grids, NOAA nautical charts, etc. There are many specialized maps for certain areas, such as coral reefs in the Keys, grass flat locations in the Panhandle, high-resolution water depths in and around Sarasota Bay, etc. You can review some examples in the slide show below.


We are expanding beyond Florida, and now have Great Lakes Coastline and Water Depth maps. We can easily build new maps into the system for your area - let us know and we'll expand there!


 The Map Layers Provided with FishWhere 2.0 ;

3D Shaded Relief
Great Lakes Map Database
Nautical Chart Index
Sarasota Nautical Chart Example
Water Depth
West Florida Sea Surface Temperature Example
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