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FishWhere is a true "Geographic Information System" (GIS) that was designed by anglers specifically for anglers. It uses the same Latitude/Longitude coordinate system as your boat's GPS, and can convert your old Loran TD coordinates into GPS Latitude/Longitude. As a true GIS, it provides a map-based user interface that displays high-resolution maps on your PC that can be zoomed, panned, and scrolled using simple controls. The screen maps are built from different "layers". Each layer can be turned on/off, and all properties (such as colors) can be controlled by the user. Your fishing locations are simply another layer in this system. This allows you to see how your locations relate to all the other locations, and to water depths, coastlines, sea surface temperatures, etc. FishWhere includes our Standard Location Databases with over 3600 locations in Florida (including all the latest artificial reefs), and you can continue to add new locations that you find while fishing, or get from published charts, magazines, websites, fishing buddies, etc. 

You can also log your fish catches, and these become another layer in the map system. This lets you see where different species are being caught, and compare these locations to all the other map layers in the system. No matter how large your location or catch databases become, FishWhere has the tools to make sense of it all. For instance, you can ask the software to show all of the Grouper that have been caught in the Months of June, July, and August using live bait during a full moon, and these will be highlighted on the map! FishWhere will finally solve the "WHERE", and with this your fishing results will improve dramatically! Try our free DEMO. Note that FW runs on any +Win95 system, including Win 10.

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